The team

“Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”
– Virginia Burden

We’ve come a long way … was founded on the vision to enable the transformation towards a digital business model in a stepwise approach while changing the mindset of people working with new technology and making them embrace change. The goal was to significantly boost productivity while maintaining low risk. The inception in 2023 was the natural progression following a wealth of experiences and market observations gathered over a 20-year career in IT consulting, solution architecture, and the sales of innovative software products in the realms of business intelligence, data management, automation, and data governance.

The idea for founding crystallised during a professional reorientation in the summer of 2023, as generative AI began changing the economy with new technologies, services and opportunities. While companies aspire to digital transformation, many lack the necessary resources or specific expertise to execute it. Complicating matters, the implementation of new concepts like Self-Service Analytics or Data Mesh is nascent, with insufficient experience available in the market. Even when expertise and experience are accessible, they are often not industry-specific or are too general to offer a significant competitive edge.

The company’s founding story is thus marked by a fascination with new technologies, a steadfast belief in the potential of digital business models, and the conviction that advancements in artificial intelligence will impact businesses and markets as profoundly as the World Wide Web or the invention of smartphones.

Ultimately, the convergence of three factors favoured the decision to establish the company:

  • The opportunity for early entry into a rapidly growing market,
  • The synergy of existing knowledge and capabilities to develop and implement suitable solutions,
  • And the drive to forge new and individual paths in the digital transformation of companies and their business models.

So, the journey began …

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.

Halford E. Luccock

A team of experts you can trust

As a young enterprise, an impressive breadth of industry knowledge and an innovative spirit are brought to the fore by the founder, Christian Herzog, and a network of experts in the areas of Business Analytics, AI, Data Management, Data Governance, and many more. This robust network of seasoned experts across various fields has been cultivated, ensuring that collective wisdom and specialised experience are available to address even the most challenging projects.

So although Christian is currently the sole full-time team member, is not isolated in its endeavours. This collaborative ecosystem enables the delivery of comprehensive solutions and unparalleled service, embodying the strength and agility that a lean, expert-backed company can offer. And we’ll grow …

On a personal note …

Portrait Christian Herzog
More than 20 years of experience and still there is so much more to be discovered, adapted and created. If you want to be a part of an exciting journey as a customer, partner, team member – come join me. Let’s change this world with data technology and our very individual traits. Let’s create something new and unique together and have fun while doing it. And then success will just be a natural consequence.

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