from zero to hero

Get familiar with new technologies with an iterative approach, starting with blueprints and templates for a quick win


Strategise and plan

An effective plan based on a comprehensive strategy is the base for raising productivity with the help of new technologies. offers:

  • Technology and innovation assessment
  • Strategy definition workshops
  • Project, milestone and iteration planning
  • Productivity gain and value calculations
  • Measure prioritisation

Understand and prototype

Example use cases, demos and hands-on experience are key to better understand new topics, especially in IT. Make it easy for your team and organisation to get a glimpse of the future and grasp the potential of new technologies and products with:

  • Custom demos
  • Tailored prototypes
  • Beginner to expert trainings
  • Hands-on experience
  • Use case examples


deliver and be creative

Save time and focus on what really matters. Robotic process automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you to get results faster and with higher quality. enables you to use these capabilities:

  • Individual automations with Microsoft Power Automate and
  • Blueprints and templates for common individual automations
  • Coaching on automation tools and generative AI
  • Best practices and hands-on examples

increase productivity for the whole organisation

Automate more complex tasks than ever to overcome resource bottlenecks and free up your team for creating new opportunities and getting ahead of the competition. Leverage the potential of mitigated risk, increased efficiency and productivity with:

  • Designing and implementing enterprise level automations
  • Providing copilots/GPTs for internal and external processes and tasks
  • Blueprints and templates for organisation wide automations
  • Pre-built and productised use case specific solutions
  • Productivity analysis and monitoring


define and implement

Data governance can be so much more than just compliance and GDPR. Move beyond a defensive approach to stay in control of your data. To get there quickly and efficiently, will provide:

  • Data governance strategy workshops
  • Framework and best practices
  • Pre-created general, industry-specific and company-specific definitions/glossaries and policies
  • Coaching and hands-on enablement

control and improve

Speed up your data governance program and all data related initiatives with a set of products and services to ensure you don’t only find but also understand data in your organisation with the help of:

  • Data catalog automation (classification, linking, synonym identification, …)
  • Policy monitoring and enforcement
  • Assessment and adoption and workshops
  • Data governance efficiency analysis
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